I'm such a fan of so many of the great Nikken products, I thought I would share their page with you here.


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Kenko Touch



Kenko PowerSleep Mask


Transform your night's rest or any time into an extended power nap. The Kenko PowerSleep Mask includes patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology that produces an area of magnetic flux extending farther and penetrating more deeply. DynaFlux is the only design that can increase the magnetic depth of field without an increase in gauss strength. The PowerSleep Mask has a comfortable, washable surface and is provided with its own carrying pouch.


And this isn't just any Water Bottle

• The new PiMag Sport Bottle is the only water bottle that combines three technologies: nano-fiber filtration, alkalization and declustering.
• The patented nano-fiber filtration technology was originally developed for NASA and dramatically increases the filter’s ability to reduce potential contaminants from drinking water, now including pathogens and micro-plastics.
• The patented filter with alkalizing media increases the pH from 7 to 8.5, representing a 15 to 25 fold increase in pH value, going from an acidic to an alkaline range. Alkaline water decreases oxidation-reduction potential and helps offset the effects of harmful free radicals.
• Four 4,600+ gauss neodymium magnets help decluster the water, improving bioavailability to the body’s cell structure because smaller clusters of water molecules are easier to absorb.
• Environmentally responsible: Both bottle and filter can be recycled.
• Bottle made with Bio-treated LDPE plastic from patented Biogreen materials that contain EcoPure, an additive that enables it to be completely broken down in into biomass that nourishes soil, and biogas that can be harvested for energy use.
•FDA Food Contact Safe and BPA-, DEHA- and DEHP-free.
• Unaffected by light, heat or humidity.
• Filter components are replaceable, to extend the life of the bottle, further reducing the impact on landfill waste caused by disposable water bottles.
• Improves taste of water in an eco-friendly manner.
• New improved replaceable flip top drinking spout is more convenient and sanitary and has a loop that can attach to a hook, belt, backpack or lanyard.
• Sport grip for easy handling.

If you like the concept of this water filtration, there's also Wellness Home Packs.

And here's the power of magnets in your Support Wraps 


Nutritional & Personal Care

Developed to fill the gaps in your diet for optimal well being, Nikken Kenzen® Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition is grounded in the principle that natural, whole foods are the ideal source of the nutrients that your body is meant to consume. True Elements® Marine Organic Skin Care is all natural and supports an important part of health maintenance.  My favorite so far in this department is Clarity (helps to support brain power!)